The Whole World Knows Trump Cares Only About Himself, Except American Conservatives

Blistering editorial from the National Review, from which comes this excerpt: “It’s also important for Republican senators to speak out against this effort and make it clear that they won’t stand for it when it comes time for Congress to consider electors. Finally, it’d be best of all if the president reconsidered going down this route. He’s turning a narrow election defeat into a bid for infamy.”

That’s hilarious, in that it suggests that the editorial staff at the National Review believes Trump could possibly give a damn about the Republican Party or the United States as a whole. I knew they were conservative, but I didn’t know they were blind to the most basic facts of this administration.

This also suggest these folks see Trump’s post-election actions as a possible “bid for infamy.”  Fellas: regardless of how it ends, Trump’s presidency will be regarded as “infamous.” News flash: that part is written in stone.

Whether it’s prison, self-imposed exile to avoid prison, or anything you can name, Trump will remembered only for the vast amount of damage he inflicted on our nation: the lies, the cruelty, the harm to the environment and public education, the racial divisiveness, the corruption, the smashing of the rule of law to smithereens, or the massive humiliation of the U.S. on the world stage.  None of this will ever be forgotten, not in the next year, not in the next century.