Trump’s Decisions on Payroll Tax Holiday Threaten Medicare and Social Security, But Why?

The meme here comes from a reader; it’s a reference to Trump promise to make the payroll tax holiday permanent.  Doing so will defund Medicare and Social Security, since these programs rely on those taxes on workers’ wages, which are matched by their employers.

I really don’t get this. 

It’s said that young people don’t care about social security because it’s so far in the future, and they’ve been told that it won’t exist by the time they’re 66 years old.  But young people aren’t voting for Trump in any major numbers anyway.

By contrast, old people, i.e., those on social security, vote with amazing regularity.  They tend to have firm, usually conservative viewpoints, and they have more time on their hands than those in the workforce, so voting is a treat, and lots of those votes go to Trump.

Now you’re telling me that Trump is threatening the very things that are keeping these oldsters alive?  Don’t they find that unappealing?